Each year a few late round picks defy expectations and become a star. Here are the five most likely players to do so from the 2019 NFL draft class:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Gardner Minshew (Quarterback)- The 2018 PAC-12 Offensive Player of the Year mightā€™ve only started for one year at Washington State University but he made it count by throwing for 38 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions. Even though the Cougars had a pass heavy offense those reps have helped fine tune Minshew and really brought out the best of his abilities. Not to mention he was coached by Mike Leach who is one of the smartest football coaches on the planet. Tyree Jackson (Quarterback)- At 6ā€™7ā€ 249LBS Jackson has Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch-esque height but the former University of Buffalo quarterback (Jackson) seems to have even better poise than Osweiler or Lynch. A strong Senior Bowl showing also boosted Jacksonā€™s stock but it could take two or three years before he fulfills his potential. Still heā€™s physically superior than most of the other QBs in this class and that could be the reason Jackson overcomes the odds.

Bryce Love (Running Back)- Love couldā€™ve left Stanford and declared for the NFL draft after a special junior season but he went back to school and that decision bit him in the ass. He ended up tearing his ACL and lost a lot of his value before leaving for the pros. Love went from a potential 1st round talent to a guy who will go late. However itā€™s possible that weā€™ve forgotten how good Bryce Love can be and he ends ups having the last laugh.

Lilā€™Jordan Humphrey (Wide Receiver)- If you watched any of the Longhornsā€™ games last season you know how special Lilā€™Jordan Humphrey has looked at times. Humphreyā€™s play was on par with A.J Brown, Nā€™Keal Harry, and Deebo Samuel who were some of the best receivers in college football for the 2018 season. Maybe it wasnā€™t a fluke and Humphrey is being completely undervalued.

Khalen Saunders (Defensive Tackle)- Western Illinois standout Khalen Saunders didnā€™t play in front of the big crowds like the other players on this list but he did record 16 sacks as an interior defensive linemen during his four year collegiate career. Yea it was against FCS (1-AA) opponents but that didnā€™t stop Jerry Rice from becoming the best player of all-time. Maybe Saunders can be a similar story.

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Here are the late round prospects who could defy expectations and become stars.

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