Who will be the 49ers starting quarterback?

Author: Jon Kuzma


This is a three man race now. It was Brock Purdy vs Trey Lance. But now Sam Darnold has entered the mix. That means this thing can go in any direction. To be honest I wouldn’t count Sam Darnold out either. Due to the fact that this is the one thing Sam Darnold has never had. He’s never had a system around him. He’s never had the structure that the 49ers can provide. It’s honestly the perfect environment for him. It’s why we can’t measure Darnold by what he has done in the past. Because you might be surprised by what he can do when he gets to the 49ers. With that being said I do think it will come down to Brock Purdy or Darnold. It’s going to be all about who seizes the opportunity. The best quarterback will pull ahead.