Can the Jets challenge the Bills in the AFC East?

Author: Jon Kuzma


“They definitely can. The Bills don’t seem completely out of reach, and there’s no doubt the Jets have closed the gap. But have the Jets surpassed the Bills? I think it’s too soon to make that prediction. Whenever you have an experiment like the one the Jets are currently hashing out, you need to be a little patient before understanding how things will work out. For example, the 2011 Eagles were considered a dream team before they came crashing back to earth with an 8-8 record. We’ve seen teams loaded with talent fail to fulfill their potential in the past.

However, if Aaron Rodgers and the players he brought with him (Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb) live up to the hype, it will be tough for the Bills to hold the Jets off. It does seem like the power is starting to shift in this division, which is a promising sign for Jets fans.”