Do the Chiefs have the best chance of winning the Super Bowl?

Author: Jon Kuzma


The Chiefs are clicking at the right time. They wrapped up the regular season in style. By dominating the Raiders in their final game. It was another strong performance from Patrick Mahomes. He came out of the gate and threw a bomb to Justin Watson. Then it was off to the races after that. Mahomes also had a nice improv play with Jerick McKinnon. That was basically a shovel pass right before the line of scrimmage. Which shows how good Mahomes is at adapting on the fly. Even when he’s escaping the pressure. He’s capable of just flipping it to McKinnon for a touchdown. Overall it’s how well the Chiefs execute that makes them the favorite to win the Super Bowl. They have Mahomes who’s the most consistent player in the game. The Chiefs also have a bunch of great athletes around him too.

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