Is DeAndre Hopkins trying to do whatever it takes to be a Cowboy?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Apparently Stefon Diggs isn’t the only wide receiver that wants to play for the Cowboys. DeAndre Hopkins dropped a hint on the Pat McAfee Show that implied that he wants to play for the Cowboys too. So that means Jerry Jones has options on the table. Which usually drives the price down. Now when it comes to Hopkins. It will probably only take a second round pick to trade for him. Because he has a big contract that comes with him. But for the Cowboys this is still some of the best news they could’ve gotten. There’s two premier receivers that both want to come to their team. Which is almost too good to be true. The odds of them getting Diggs or Hopkins has skyrocketed. That means the Cowboys will be closer to winning a Super Bowl than they were a year ago. Everything seems to be going their way right now.