Did Josh Allen have his best throw all year against the Lions?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Josh Allen came through for the Bills. That throw he had to set up the game winning field goal was insane. Allen caught the snap, stepped up in the pocket, and threw a strike down the middle of the field to Stefon Diggs. That’s not the type of throw that you see every Sunday. That one jumps out at you. Just because it took a different type of arm talent to thread the needle there. Lions safety Kirby Joseph almost got in there to break it up too. But Allen’s throw just had too much zip on it. Which is incredible considering that Diggs was almost forty yards downfield. We also can’t forget that Allen is dealing with a sprain in his throwing elbow. So to be able to step up when the Bills needed it. It gives you some insight into just how good Josh Allen is.

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