Did the Jets Super Bowl window just open up with the Aaron Rodgers trade?

Author: Jon Kuzma


The Jets are ready to take flight. It’s officially a new era for gang green after they successfully traded for Aaron Rodgers. When’s the last time this team has been in this good of shape? You have to go all the way back to when Rex Ryan was there. Which was twelve years ago. So it’s definitely an exciting day for the Jets. Let’s keep it real. Aaron Rodgers brings a different kind of expectations. This was a team on the cusp of making the playoffs a year ago. Now you get the feeling they’re a lock to make the playoffs. I also like that Rodgers decided to honor Joe Namath by not wearing number 12. Rodgers decided to wear number 8 with the Jets. That’s his old college number from Cal. This whole thing is already off to a great start. Things just got a lot more interesting in New York.