Is the NFL going to fail Deshaun Watson just like they failed Ezekiel Elliott? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


There’s already rumors floating around that the NFL will suspend Deshaun Watson. And that seems right on par with the league’s constant shortcomings when it comes to discipline. So this isn’t too surprising to hear. The NFL thinks they’re above the grand jury’s ruling. They don’t care if that’s a misrepresentation of Watson. All they care about is their brand. And the NFL doesn’t want to deal with the outrage. But how can you make a brand out of doing the wrong thing? This is the Ezekiel Elliott situation all over again. Remember when the Columbus Police Department said that the accusations against Elliott lacked credibility. And the league still suspended him. That’s what will probably happen with Watson too. Which isn’t right. The grand jury’s ruling was Watson’s due process. He got treated fairly by the legal system. That should be the end of it. However it doesn’t sound like the NFL will leave it at that.

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