Leonard Fournette doesn’t deserve this treatment. Not from owners and coaches with their own checkered pasts:


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Author: Jon Kuzma

This whole Leonard Fournette thing has gotten completely out of control. No one wanted to trade a fifth or sixth round pick for the veteran running back. Then somehow Fournette cleared waivers. And we’re seeing this happen way too often lately. How many times will a top tier talent be dismissed by people that look down their nose at them? What makes this pattern even worse is these owners, GMs, and coaches all have their own checkered pasts. Whether it’s owners getting DUIs or going to massage parlors, coaches doing cocaine off their desk, or even going through a Wendy’s drive-thru naked at 3 A.M. It’s sad when those people pass judgement on a good player because of perceived character concerns. The way some individuals are banished to a life of being an outcast, is almost a reflection of what happens at the socioeconomic level. People at the top of the hierarchy shame everyone else below them to feel better about themselves. You have to wonder if the same thing is happening with Leonard Fournette?

What are his crimes? Because he’s clearly getting punished.

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