Are the Lions having more fun these days? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


There’s been a lot of positive reports about Jared Goff. He’s been doing really well in training camp, Mark Brunell has been talking about how good Goff has been, and I even seen Goff throw down a dunk on the goal post on a touchdown he ran in. And if you factor in Aiden Hutchinson singing Billie Jean with Goff playing with more swagger. It’s not hard to see the Lions are having more fun these days. The good thing about this team is they’re building a better culture. They don’t seem too uptight, they don’t seem too timid. It’s a complete 180 from some of the Lions teams we’ve seen in the past. It hasn’t translated to wins yet. But usually this is the first step. Because everyone wants to be a part of a team that has fun. People can see the Lions are doing that.

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