Did the Jets score another big win by signing Randall Cobb?

Author: Jon Kuzma


In the Jets latest move they signed Randall Cobb. That means the Jets have brought two of Aaron Rodgers’ former teammates with him. First it was Allen Lazard and now it’s Cobb. It’s one of the main reasons going with the Jets made sense for Rodgers. They’re willing to roll out the red carpet for him. Whether it’s getting him the guys he wants to play with or making him the face of the team. The Jets have done everything they can to accommodate Aaron Rodgers. Randall Cobb is being brought in because he’s so good at bailing out Rodgers. On third down Cobb has a knack for moving the chains. Rodgers and Cobb have a feel for what each other are going to do. So this was a smart move by the Jets.