Find Out If You Are Lucky Or Unlucky

Due to their extraversion, lucky folks smiled twice and made greater eye contact.

Luckier People Smile More 

Wiseman believes their sociability makes individuals more likely to get lucky or find good opportunities.

Very Social People Are Lucky

Lack of opportunities and prospects makes the other camp unlucky. They may just talk to a few individuals at a party and lose out on interesting people. 

Opportunities Lost

Persons who consider themselves unfortunate, on the other hand, have neuroticism scores that are roughly twice as high as those of lucky persons.

Unlucky People Score Higher In Neuroticism 

People that we consider lucky (or who believe they are lucky) will be more open. They meet new people, go to new places, and try new activities.

Lucky  Have Higher Levels Of Openness 

"Lucky people" took seconds. "Unlucky people" took several minutes. Why? Because the fortunate individuals were less nervous and more open and perceptive.Unlucky people were looking so hard that they missed the clue

Lucky People Finished In Seconds 

Lucky folks are also more hopeful. They anticipate success, and these ideas and expectations are frequently realized.

Luckier People Are More Hopeful

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