Reversing Negative Thinking Patterns

Expectations and excessive standards make you feel like a failure if something isn't flawless.


To correct this distortion of thought, focus on your triumphs, the things you crossed off your to-do list, or the fact that you've been working so hard that you have time to care about your home.

How To Reverse It

This severely restrictive cognitive habit makes one little, possibly isolated instance the rule. Thus, if one thing goes wrong, everything else will too.


Remember that individuals evolve, situations change, and one experience does not determine future ones.

How To Reverse It

Most people remember criticism better than 100 compliments. Negative thinking is a typical cognitive distortion that distorts reality.

Mental Filtering

It's hard, but when you're thinking negatively, think about the next nice thing in your day.

How To Reverse It

Even those who clearly accept objective facts can jump to a negative conclusion without enough data. It destroys relationships and stresses people out.

 Making Quick Decisions

Another fantastic technique to break this cycle of presumption and accusation is to question, “Am I sure?” If you keep reaching the same conclusion, it may be best to find out.

How To Reverse It