Trader Joe's Released 2 New Exciting Ice Cream Flavors

Next Wednesday is the start of summer, or ice cream season. The popular frozen treat is enjoyed year-round,

but warmer weather make it more popular. The best place to discover new flavors is Trader Joe's frozen food wonderland.

Two new goods and two old favorites have arrived in the freezers of the beloved specialty supermarket business.

In the newest "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast on June 12, TJ's marketing team announced S'Mores Ice Cream.

The latest flavor is graham cracker ice cream with marshmallow and chocolate swirls for $3.79 per pint.

Instead of graham cracker, chocolate, or marshmallow add-ins, Trader Joe's vice president of marketing, Matt Sloan

said, "It's not so much a deconstructed s'more as it is a mixed up ice cream that is absolutely s'more-like in its flavors."

Trader Joe's vice president of marketing Tara Miller said a previous taste panel version had graham cracker chunks. The portions got "so soggy"

and "you didn't get that flavor." The new type "really comes through," says Miller of the graham cracker flavor.

Natasha Fischer, Trader Joe's fan account @traderjoeslist, termed the new ice cream "really good," praising its smooth, chunk-free texture.

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