What team would be the best landing spot for Ezekiel Elliott?

Author: Jon Kuzma


If I had to take a guess at it. I’d probably say the Chargers. The Chargers plan on trading Austin Ekeler. So maybe Ezekiel Elliott could bounce back in Los Angeles. At the very least it would be a chance to prove that he can still play. Especially if all of this motivates Elliott. Because the truth is it’s gut check time for him. Is he content with everything he’s done in the NFL or is he willing to fight to keep his career alive? All it takes is one big year then people will start to believe in Elliott again. But we all know that’s tough to do at the running back position. The hits start to add up. The toll on a running back’s body starts to wear them down. Those are things Elliott will have to overcome if he wants to keep going in the National Football League.