Should Zach Wilson get a fresh start by asking to be traded to another team?

Author: Jon Kuzma


I think it’s the end of the road for both sides. Zach Wilson needs to get traded to a team like the Texans or the Panthers. While the Jets should try to get a third round pick back for Wilson. Because if Wilson sits on the bench behind Aaron Rodgers. They’re going to lose him. Wilson already struggles with distractions. If you let him check out mentally. That’s going to be all she wrote for him. Plus the Jets won’t get anything in return for Wilson. The best case scenario is trade him to the Texans. Let him go compete with Davis Mills for that number one QB job. Otherwise the Jets are wasting their time. Why not get a third round pick that they can use in this upcoming draft? If it’s the right move for the Jets and Wilson. It’s an option both sides should explore.